How Does Consignment Work at Karizmah?
We take in your used dance shoes, or dance clothing / costume and sell them for you at the price that we see fit. We usually arrive at that number together with you. Starting price is typically ½ original price and then work down according to its condition. Once the item sells, we’ll issue you immediate store credit and will notify you via g-mail.

NOTE: This g-mail account is monitored 1-2 times a week only.

Store credit - you keep 100% of amount sold. Your store credit does not expire; and you can use it on anything within the store or with our resellers.  Some even give it to a friend.

If you opt for a check then we keep 40% of whatever the item sold for.  We’ll mail you a check with the balance if you go that route. It is up to you to contact us and request a check vs. the automatically issued store credit. Checks go out approximately every 4 weeks

Occasionally we have consignment items ‘checked-out’  with a reseller or  at different booths, so, should you decide you want to pick-up your items from the store, we do require at least 1 full week notice, and appreciate more. We will ship your item if requested at cost, usually $12 in Texas. Your clothing must be dry cleaned or washed before it’s put on the rack. If Karizmah has to have it done, we will deduct the expenses from your portion of the sale.

If you are bringing in multiple pieces, please type up a list and e-mail it to us with your descriptions.  Initial and label each page. We will issue Sku # after it’s loaded into the system and tagged. A printed out copy can then be attached to your items, or pinned outside the bag. We get busy and it takes us few days to get things organized, so this e-mail really speeds things along.

If your item(s) become dormant and doesn’t move for a period up to or longer than 6 months, we reserve the right to request you remove your items. Clothing not picked up, or communications not acknowledged, will eventually be donated at our discretion after a period no shorter than 3 weeks from the initial phone call, text, and/or e- mail attempt. 
By signing here, you agree and understand these terms.


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Updated 08/11/18  Re: break down of % when asking for a check as of Jan 2018.
Previous percentages grandfathered in.


Effective August 11, 2018 

Temporarily Not Accepting  Consignment Shoes/Clothes

 Our consignment inventory has grown over the past year. Therefore until further notice, we are not accepting any new consignment items until our current inventory decreases.
The only exception will be Competitive Performance Attire.


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